Key Features

There are many low energy Bluetooth beacon suppliers and manufacturers across the globe so how do you know which beacon to use?

The Best Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon

Our low energy Bluetooth Beacons offer the best performance from any beacon we have tested. We have been testing all beacon brands and understanding what makes them good and bad. We then developed the best Bluetooth beacon in the World.

Bluetooth v.4.0, single mode compliant
–Supports master and slave modes
–Up to 8 connections

•Integrated Bluetooth Smart stack
–Bluetooth Smart profiles

•Radio performance
–Transmit power : +0 dBm
–Receiver sensitivity: -93 dBm

•Ultra low current consumption
–Transmit: 18 mA (0 dBm)
–Sleep mode 3: 0.5 uA

•Flexible peripheral interfaces
–12-bit ADC

•Host interfaces

•Programmable 8051 processor for stand-alone operation

•Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, South-Korea and Japan qualified

  • Maintenance & Upgrades

    Upgrade beacon firmware and add specific changes using our Beacon Maintenance APP.

  • Best Beacon for low energy usage

    In tests our beacons our preform our competitors lasting 2 to 3 months longer.

  • Accurate Range Functionality

    The best beacon in range tests by a mile.

  • Fastest Beacon Available

    In tests our beacons out perform all and at the same time also keep low battery usage thanks to our chip development.

  • 2 x AA Batteries

    Cost effective power using 3V using 2 x AA Batteries

  • Beacons In High Profile Areas

    Our beacons are already in use in high profile areas.

  • Trusted With Confidence

    Developed for Chameleon Web Services initially which is a company that has been in business since 2001 with large Bluechip clients.