•Fully integrated Bluetooth Smart solution
–Integrated Bluetooth Radio, micro controller and software stack
–Fully tested before going to market.
–No development risks as we have completed full trials.
–Already in use in high profile places.

•Application hosting capabilities
–All application code can be executed on the BLE113
–No need for external micro controller
–Lower cost and smaller physical size

•Flash based
–Firmware is field upgradable
–Application data can be stored on the flash
–Settings can be stored on the flash

•Compact size:
–Dimensions: 15.75 x 9.15 x 2.1 mm

•Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, Japan and South Korea qualified

  • Developed Correctly

    Developed for Chameleon Web Services for use with high profile clients.

  • Tested Fully

    Fully tested and proven to be the best in all results.

  • Responsive

    In tests our beacon was the fast to respond to interactions.

  • Support

    Full support platform and installation team as required.