Beacon UUID

The protocol used by Bluetooth Beacons is very simple. Only the UUID is provided to an APP with no user information. Beacons can be used to count the number of devices that come into to contact with a beacon placed in a store or exhibit but in order for this to work the phone needs to have a APP installed which can talk to the beacon and use the UUID.

What is UUID?

UUID is short for Universally Unique Identifier and this is built using a 32 hexadecimal digital value which is split into 5 groups that is separated by dashes.

For exampe:-
UUID: g75266a6-3fa1-6e99-7024-gh5b71e0983k
Major ID: 1
Minor ID: 2

The UUID is the unique number generated for a specific Bluetooth Beacon and is able to be programmed to identify manufacturer, application or owner).

Major and Minor values are the numbers assigned to beacons which helps to provide more accuracy that using only UUIID and these are Minor and Major values that are integer values between 1 and 65535.

These values mean that each Beacon installed can be identified so for example:-

Shop Entrance = 1
Shop TV isle = 2
Shop Till = 3
Shop Special Offer Area = 4

Each Beacon installed in a location is assigned a minor value. You do not have to use Major and Minor values but it is very helpful when identifying and tracking specific things with an APP.