About Bluetooth Proximity Beacons

Developed due to a necessity to create a cost effective solution for one of the largest consumer marketing software platforms globally.

Bluetooth Proximity Beacon’s combine expertise and knowledge with technology development and APP production.

Bluegiga Technology Partner

•Bluetooth v.4.0, single mode compliant
–Supports master and slave modes
–Up to 8 simultaneous connections
•Implements all Bluetooth Smart functionality
–Security manager: bonding, encryption
–Bluetooth Smart profiles
•Simple API for external host processors
–BGAPITM : A simple protocol over UART or USB interfaces
–BGLibTM : A C library for host processors implementing BGAPI
•Supports standalone applications as well
–BGScriptTM : A simple scripting language for writing applications
–Native C application development with IAR Embedded Workbench
–No separate host needed
•Over-the-Air firmware upgrade support
•Blutoooth Smart Profile ToolkitTM
–XML based development tool for Bluetooth Smat profiles
–Fast and simple profile development
•Small memory requirements
–~4-6 kB RAM
–~60-90 kB flash (depending of used features/profiles)
•Bluetooth qualified

Bluegiga Beacon

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