Low Energy Bluetooth Proximity Beacon – BLE 4.0

Low Energy Bluetooth Beacons (BLE 4.0) are not about sending location coordinates like a GPS system, they are self-identifying devices that can be used to do what ever an APP wants to do once it understands that it is near to a specific Beacon. The APP uses a unique UUID which we can program be programmed specifically for your needs to identify a range of things.

A typical use would be a museum app which using beacons would allow pictures, videos, audio descriptions and more to be used with an APP to give specific information. A high street store would allow brands to identify how many times customers visited in-stores and would allow pop up notifications to be sent to customers which can be used to promote them to spend whilst in store.

Bluetooth proximity beacons are simply transmitters that are using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology to broadcast specific signals that compatible devices can use. Our transmitters are low power consumption units which are powered by batteries or via USB as a power supply.

Our proximity beacons are open source allowing any software or APP to use the signals with compatible devices allowing specific programming to identify a beacon’s proximity to the compatible device.

    • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy radio
    • Transmit power: +0 dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity: -93 dBm
    • TX peak current: 18.2 mA
    • RX peak current: 14.3 mA
    • Sleep mode current: 0.4uA
    • 100kbps+ throughput
    • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
    • 8kB RAM
    • 256kB Flash

Proximity Engagement Solutions

  • Beacon Hardware

  • Over-the-Air firmware upgrade

  • Embedded Workbench SDK

  • APP Platform

  • Developer Tools

  • Client and master mode

Purchasing Proximity Bluetooth Beacon Hardware From The Experts

Proximity Beacons That Work With All Compatible Devices using Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology Beacons

    Beacon transmitters using Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

  • Multiple Beacon Functionality

    Multiple Bluetooth Beacons Functionality with no maximum limits.

  • Pinpoint customers

    Pinpoint customers in range of our proximity beacon signals and use this information for up-selling or marketing.

  • Short-range location services

    Bluetooth beacon short-range location services

  • Longlife on Batteries

    Our beacons have a long life running on 2 x AA batteries.

  • Management

    We can provide full fitting with our dedicated installation team.

Beacon Battery Life

Beacons can be powered by USB ports in POS terminals or using batteries. Our battery models have been designed to last a minimum of 12 months and our 2 x AA battery models can last up to 36 months.

Beacon Maintenance Costs

Beacon maintenance costs kept to minimum. We have partnered with a leading retail contractor for installation and battery replacement services.

Beacon Data

Our beacons are built to the high standards allowing updates remotely aimed at shopping centres, football stadiums, leisure centres, buses, trains or airports.


Beacon Installation

If you require Beacons to be installed, our highly skilled, qualified and professional engineers provide our customers with the confidence that their business is covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safecontractor /Altious /NICEIC /Refcom and FSIP Approved and are GAS SAFE Registered covered for an amount of £25 million pounds in Public Liability insurance.

We provide will full risk and method statements prior to beacon installation. All of their qualified engineers are fully uniformed and work with the latest PPE and Access equipment.

All our engineers are identification tagged.

Bluetooth Beacon Installer Engineer